Success stories of adoptions done with love, caring and a great relationship with the birthmother.

"I have an amazing relationship with my adoptive couple, Heidi and Brian. They are both remarkable people and I would not have given them the opportunity to get know me, or my values without the guidance from my Advisor. I came into this situation not wanting contact with my baby or her future parents, but after talking with my Advisor I discover that inside I needed to know Heidi and Brian in order to provide myself with closure. Now, I cannot imagine not knowing what a wonderfully complete and wholesome life my daughter will live with them as her parents. This organization has affected and influenced my life in a positive way. I reached out to you when my options where slim and I was at a low point in my life. I am forever greatful to my Advisor and everyone else behind the scenes for providing me with continuous support and stability during this unsteady time.   Thank you!"

"Our experience was different for most because our advisor actually was there and helped our birthmother give birth to our son. I knew from the beginning she was his Guardian Angel. Every day I can close my eyes and see our Advisor helping him with his first breath, his first little cry and gently holding him and praying that he would be alright.  He would not wait to get to the hospital to be born and our Advisor and Birthmother made sure they did everything they could together to bring him into the world safely. As I sit here finishing my letter, I can see directly into our son's room and he is sleeping like an angel. He is a strong little boy who is happy, healthy and growing fast. My eyes fill with tears because of the endless amount of joy and love he as brought into our lives. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of our Advisor and how our lives have been touched and will forever be touched. I hope you know how wonderful she is, I know we do."
Kim and Pete

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