Asnwers to the FAQ's

  • Adoption Spacebook is a popular social networking website offering an interactive, network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos, where young women ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES can come and speak openly about Adoption options.

  • If you are pregnant or even think that you might be and have questions about adoption options, contact Adoption Spacebook at 1-800-483-6650 or use our contact form.

  • Adoption is not a bad decision. You have the reassurance your child will be with a loving and caring family. Adoption is a gift and one of the most unselfish acts a birthparent can make for a child.

  • Adoptive families are screened very carefully: including medical evaluations, financial background, and FBI screening, child abuse clearance, and their home is evaluated and approved.

  • You can choose an adoptive family using many different ways. In an open adoption you can choose the adoptive parents usually by adoptive parent photos, hobbies, interests, lifestyles, religious beliefs, family background, by reading the adoptive parents "Dear Birthmother" letter, visiting their website and even meeting with them sometimes.

  • If you would like to consider a family living in a particular state, this is always an option.

  • Usually open adoption begins with the birthmother reviewing adoptive parent photos and profiles. The birth parents decide what type of lifestyle they would like for their baby to be raised with. Hobbies, religious beliefs, family background... All of these can be considered. At some point, if you choose, you should meet with the family prior to the delivery of the baby.

  • Many birth parents feel at peace watching the adoptive parents with the child right after birth. With an Advisor, you should discuss the amount of contact after birth that you would like to have with your baby. This is another very important discussion you should have with your Advisor. She will definitely guide you with all of your choices.

  • Most adoptive couples are over the age of thirty and have been married on the average of seven years. They own their own home and are successfully employed. Adoptive couples on the average have waited two or more years to parent and many have been medically diagnosed as infertile. Our adoptive families are carefully screened and educated about adoption as a way to build their family.

  • The next step is contacting Adoption Spacebook by email or 1-800-483-6650 and we can help guide you through the most important steps for you and your child.

Call us at 1-800-483-6650 right now
to speak with an Adoption Advisor or fill out
the birthmother contact form.

An advisor will gladly explain the adoption
process and your options.

Your phone call or email does not obligate you in any way.

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