At 4 weeks, the embryo has multiplied to over 250 cells. Home pregnancy tests are positive and the baby is starting to develop a nervous system, skin, hair, skeleton, muscles, circulatory system, kidneys and sex organs.

At 6 weeks, the baby is the size of a cell phone text button. You can hear the baby's heartbeat from an ultrasound and your baby is susceptible to drugs, diseases and another factors that stunt normal growth. Tiny fingers and toes develop. The baby's brain is divided into three parts for emotion and language, hearing and seeing.

At 8 weeks, the doctor can now take an ultrasound. The spinal cord and brain are developing from the neural tube. You can see the development of fingers and toes.

At 12 weeks, the baby is now 3 inches in length and 2 ounces with fine hair on their face.

At 18 weeks, the baby can suck it's thumb, yawn and stretch and very soon you will start to feel it move.

At 24 weeks, the baby's ears have developed to the point they recognize their mothers' voice, breathing and heartbeat.

At 28 weeks, the "third trimester" of a pregnancy. The baby weighs about 2 pounds. Brain patterns appear as they register in a full-term baby. The baby's lungs are developing and it changes positions a lot at this point in pregnancy.

At 34 weeks, the baby is now 17 inches long and weighs 4 ½ lbs! Their eyes are wide open.

At 40 weeks, the big guy or girl wants out! Let's get ready for your baby to be born! The baby is now around 17- 20 inches long and weighs 7- 8 lbs.

For many birthmothers, the only time spent with their baby is during their hospital stay. Therefore, the hospital experience should be as smooth as possible.

A New Hello / The Birthing Experience
This is an incredible experience. One that is not usually discussed in depth prior to going into the hospital, but Adoption Spacebook will try and help you understand. Not only are you, the Birthmother, going to experience the wonder of birth, but you are going to witness the beginning of a life that you once may have thought of eliminating! The birthmother usually has adoptive parents who are there to wholly support her, as well as witness the birth of the child they hope with all their hearts, to raise and be allowed to begin their journey of parenting. As a Birthmother, you will have many questions and wonder what the process is going to be like. Your OB-GYN should discuss the birthing process with you, but we have also discovered this is not always an in-depth discussion where all of your questions and concerns are addressed. A thorough discussion should also take place to enlighten you, the Birthmother, on the challenges you may experience regarding your decision on adoption. This experience will also be shared by the adoptive couple. Both the adoptive couple and the birthmother should first have a clear understanding of what the birthmother's requests are. Does she want the couple to be involved with the delivery? Would the Birthmother prefer to have the couple come to the hospital after the delivery? There are so many questions and considerations for the Birthmother to decide. Your Adoption Spacebook Advisor will help you sort through this whole process. Remember, your Advisor is "your support" and wants to make sure you are as comfortable as possible through-out your entire adoption journey.

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